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Critical Tradecraft: The motherhood of all skills… “Situational Awareness”

Part 1: A skill set or area of learning and training that is most often underrated and very much neglected is a proper understanding of the skill of becoming situationally and tactically aware… within critical environments or moments. How important is this skill set to most professionals? Foundational. To the point in many situations that if things go physical or kinetic… usually the question is how did we screw this situation up? How come we didn’t see this coming and attempted to mitigate or avoid the issue. 

So very often the idea of being situationally aware is relegated to the simple idea of … “Just paying attention.” This often turns into an individual who just runs around out there just trying to pay attention to everything around them which ends in quick (and discouraging) failure. What they do not realize is that they CAN’T maintain that situational awareness the way they are training and attempting to employ it. Our brains are not designed to do this.

It becomes very important to understand how the brain works in this regard and how to develop a system of switching that awareness on at critical junctures so as to… be there when you need it.

In this Situational Awareness or (SA) series we will begin to break this dynamic down, understand it hopefully with a greater level of articulation and accuracy, and help you integrate this mindset and skillset into your life.

This is going to be good. :).

Have a magnanimous day.



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