SWS: Sir William Stephenson


Canadian, Sir William Stephenson, it has been said, as a single individual, was more responsible for the winning of WW2 than even Sir Winston Churchill. An incredibly unique man, talented, gifted. He was the consummate spy. James Bond creator, Ian Fleming said that there were a number of real life figures from which he pulled pieces of the personality of Bond from but if there was a single man who embodied this character for him.. it was Bill Stephenson, the ultimate western spymaster.

Stephenson for us (and millions) was and is a true inspiration and his accomplishments and achievements are things we celebrate and aspire to pay tribute to during challenging times. The SWS series is dedicated to understanding this incredible Canadian and taking strength and motivation behind what Canadians can accomplish when they apply their unique gifting.

Welcome aboard a fascinating journey. You “Can’t Kill a Shadow.”.

“Know your enemy, know yourself. Know your weapon.”

Have a great weekend. “Shadow”

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