The Camp X Connection

Welcome back to Camp X: Lynn Philip Hodgson and 

A very important and foundational cornerstone of our organization and network has been the work done on discovering, preserving and perpetuating the incredible history that we have in CAMP X. In this we have eternally supported the work of Lynn Philip Hodgson who is the world’s 44 year expert on the Camp. 

I have had the privilege of being a protege in study under Lynn for coming up on 20 years. 

As a solid reference point for historical accuracy on the camp, I encourage everyone to take a visit to Lynn’s and Marlene’s website: This is the bedrock of information on the true story of Camp X as actually given to him personally by agents and staff who served at the camp. 

“It is difficult to chart a course going forward… without an understanding your identity and where you have been.” From a standpoint of understanding your incredible Canadian genetics of excellence in the world of Special Operations… Let your journey start here.


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